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    Dear Terry,

    On behalf of the Redland spring Festival organising committee, I would sincerely like to thank you for your ongoing generous support and commitment to RedFest 2013.

    In this our 55th year of the festival, we celebrate with over 15,000 delighted patrons who devour more than 500kg of strawberries, 4000 strawberry icecreams and thousands of dagwood dogs. There were over 250 performers ranging from our local schools and community groups, vocal competition, children’s entertainers, dogs, sheep, budgies and goats through to the international acts that have made Redfest so popular.

    The true reflection of how successful the event was in 2013 was seen on the faces of the thousands of children who attended. Smiles and cheers of jubilation were everywhere on the faces painted as lions, fairies or butterflies while smudged with ice cream, fairy floss and tomato sauce, clutching onto a freshly planted strawberry plant in a beautiful decorated pot.

    There were over 200 art, photography and scupture entries and more than 250 participants in the world famous Strawberry Eating Competition!

    RedFest 2013 was indeed a wonderful success and continues to grow as the Redland City premier event. We would not be able to make it possible without the generous support from you and your oganisation.

    I look forward to sharing with you RedFest 2014 and another exciting year ahead. Again, thank you.


    Patrick Burke

    Redland Spring Festival

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